Buying A Commerial Truck For Your Business

Posted on: 4 August 2022

Commercial trucks come in many styles and may include semitrucks and bare-frame straight trucks, and you can often find new and used units through a truck dealer. Not all commercial trucks are ready to work when you purchase them, so you will need to look around and find the best truck for your situation. 


Drivers looking to start their own business often look for semitrucks with the best parts to perform the job necessary. Sometimes that means ordering a new truck through a dealer, while other times, you can find what you need on a lot where the dealer sells commercial trucks.

Ordering commercial trucks through a factory dealer can ensure you get the engine, transmission, suspension, and interior items you need for the work you will do with them. If you want an extended frame or a large sleeper on the truck, you need to account for that when ordering your vehicle. Ordering a new truck does come at a higher cost than buying new off the lot or finding a good used truck, but in most cases, the warranty and condition of the truck can make it worth spending the extra money. 

Used semitrucks can be an excellent option, but it may take longer to locate the truck you need, and you may need to spend some money on the truck to get it ready to work. Used commercial trucks need inspecting, so you know what you are getting and what needs repairing before hitting the road. 

Straight Trucks

Commercial trucks designed to have a body on them are common for hauling smaller loads and are a good option for tow trucks, roll-off trucks, and expedited freight delivery. Like the semis, you need to spend some time determining what you need and your budget for the commercial truck. If you are looking for a straight truck with a cargo box and a sleeper, choosing those components is the best way to get what you want. 

Expedited freight drivers often work in pairs, so a truck set up with a sleeper allows one driver to sleep while the other is driving, and often these teams can work together to cross the entire country in a couple of days. Many shipping companies use these teams for next-day and second-day packages, but it is vital that you have the right kind of truck to do the job.

Often these trucks have a lot of miles on them, and ordering a new one may be more practical than buying a used one. Commercial trucks run many more miles than the average car. However, maintenance is critical, and used trucks can come with necessary repairs that could be expensive. Look everything over and have a repair shop check the truck before you purchase it for your business.  

Contact a local commercial truck service, such as HandshakeFleet, to learn more.