5 Car Safety Features To Look For In Your Teen's New Car

Posted on: 16 July 2020

If your teen is getting their driver's license, you want to make sure that you are ready to provide your teen with a car that will keep them safe on the road. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle for your teen, there are some key safety features you should look for.

Car Safety Feature #1: Built-in Navigation System

Yes, it is true that your teenager can just open up their phone and use the maps app when they need directions. However, having their phone open and near them when they are driving can prove to be too big of a distraction for many teen drivers.

Purchasing a vehicle with a built-in navigation system means that instead of turning to their phone, your teen can just use the navigation system to help them figure out where to go. This will allow your teen to keep their phone in the glove box or in the backseat, where they will not be distracted. Additionally, built-in navigation systems often have much larger screens that are easier to use for your teen driver.

Car Safety Feature #2: Airbags

Second, you want a car that is equipped with at least six airbags. The car should have airbags in the front, in the curation, and side seat-mounted airbags. Having at least six airbags will help keep your teen driver safe, and more airbags is even better.

Car Safety Feature #3: Back-up Cameras

It can be difficult to ensure that there is nothing behind you even when you have experience checking your blind spots. A back-up camera or a vehicle with blind-spot warnings will help your teen driver be safe when they are backing up and changing lanes. A back-up camera will help reduce the chance of your teen backing up into another vehicle or person.

Car Safety Feature #4: Collision Warning System

Next, look for a vehicle that has a collision warning system. There are both rear and forward collision warning systems. A collision warning system will alert your teen driver to the risk of an accident, allowing them time to respond and keep themselves safe. A forward warning collision system can even active the brakes to keep your teen driver safe on the road.

Car Safety Feature #5: Electronic Stability Control

An electronic stability control system will take control of the vehicle if the driver can't. This type of system will not drive a vehicle for you, but it will take action such as applying the brakes to individual wheels when a car is spinning out of control. It is such an important system that for over eight years, ESC systems have been required in all new cars.

When purchasing a car for your teen to drive, you don't want to purchase an old clunker. You want to purchase a newer vehicle with modern safety features that will help keep your teen driver safe on the road. If you're looking at vehicles for sale for your teen, consider these safety features.