Three Tips For Purchasing Your First Construction Truck

Posted on: 20 November 2018

Working on construction websites means exerting a lot of energy. Both your body and your tools will need to be rugged and strong in order to last on a construction site. If you are going to be working on a site as a contractor for the first time or if it is time to upgrade your work materials, you should invest in a work truck. Having a truck specifically for your contracting work can be a business write off as well as save the tires and body on your "around town" car. Here are three things to look for in your work truck. 

Consider the tires

One of the most important aspects of your work truck will be the tires of the car. If you are driving on uneven gravel or on dirt and grass, regular tires may wear out regularly. When looking at trucks, look at the size of the tires. Take note of the cost of the tires and the brands that are available on the market for the size. Make sure there are brands that make tires for rugged or off-road usage so that your truck tires are affordable and last in the long run. 

Get a lockable trunk compartment

A huge trunk is a necessity when it comes to a work truck. Invest in a truck that comes with a truck bed compartment that locks. A small compartment will give you a space that allows you to load your toolkit. if you have a full lockable trunk bed with a cover, you can store large construction tools inside of the trunk. This will keep the tools safe from rain and safe from being stolen or lost while on the site. Be sure to test out the lock and key system to determine how it works and if you will be able to lift and operate it easily while on site during the day. 

Choose an easy to clean color

A color such as white will easily get clean when you have a work truck. When you have a work truck that you take on site each day, you will find that it is easily dirtied by mud, dirt, and dust from the construction materials. You may want to wash your car or take it to be washed through an automatic washer once a week or so, before parking it at home. A black truck or a silver/gray color makes things easier for you to clean and makes small scratches that may develop at the bottom of the truck less noticeable. 

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