Four Types Of Truck Beds You Can Install On HD Dump Trucks And Why You Would Want Them

Posted on: 16 May 2016

If you are thinking about buying some HD dump trucks (from an outlet such as Correct Truck and Trailer), then you might also want to look at the truck beds for these trucks. Some auto dealers will sell you just the truck with the hydraulic lift component on the back and leave it up to you to decide which truck bed you want to purchase and install separately. Here are four types of truck beds you can choose from and why you may want each of them. 

High-Sided Hauler

High-sided haulers may be open slat or completely closed. Completely closed, high-sided haulers are best for hauling tons of dirt, sand, mulch, and gravel, as well as large pieces of debris. The open slat, high-sided hauler beds are better for hauling large pieces of construction equipment or machinery, animals, and anything else that will not slip through the openings in this bed.

Low-Sided Hauler

Low-sided hauler truck beds have low sides. They are best used for hauling much smaller and more frequent loads of dirt, gravel, and mulch. They may also be used to haul garden tools, hand tools and anything else that can lay flat in the truck bed. Like the high-sided hauler beds, this type of dump truck bed also has a swing gate on the back of the bed that will open and allow the bed contents to be dumped in one location.

Utility Bed

A utility bed for your dump trucks has several cabinets all around the base of it for storing cables, tools and work supplies. Additionally, its flat top surface could haul some slightly larger construction equipment (if you wanted it to) and the equipment can be secured to the sides of this type of bed with ratcheting tie-down leads. Nothing should be transported on this bed without proper tie-downs because it does not have high or low sides to prevent the objects from rolling or falling off the back of the truck.

Towing/Piggybacking Flatbed

If you expect to use your HD dump trucks for towing other work trucks or for piggybacking heavy trucks onto the back of a dump truck, then you will need to get a towing or piggybacking flatbed for the dump truck (or dump trucks). These types of truck beds are simple, and may or may not have an attached winch for towing and piggybacking purposes. Just make sure the one (or ones) you purchase is able to pull or haul the amount of weight you expect the truck to carry from one location to the next.