Three Conversions You Can Make To A Used Prevost Bus To Make It Your Own

Posted on: 13 May 2016

Prevost is a manufacturer of cab-over touring buses, which means that the engine is located directly under the driver's seat and the set of steps that lead from the front entrance of the bus to the seat deck. They are quite common in other countries, but because of their pricey-ness, they are generally reserved for long-distance bus travel companies and musicians on tour. However, if you are interested in traveling the country like a rock star, you can buy used Prevost buses for yourself from a company like Sawyers Bus Sales, and make some nice conversions to them that will make your bus entirely your own. The following three conversions are some of the most popular ones offered by used bus dealerships and the conversions usually can be made right at the dealership.

Removing Most of the Seats and Adding a Table or Two

While the seats in these buses are often quite cushiony, you probably have little need for as many seats that frequently fill out a bus. Instead, you can remove several of these seats, leaving behind enough of them to take a small family on vacation in comfort (e.g., about five or six seats, although you could leave in a few extra to give everyone their own space). Then you can install a table or two so that there are a couple of places to eat, play games on the road or just generally converse around.

Adding Fold-Down Beds

There is a good amount of head clearance in these touring buses. In fact, you could easily convert the luggage rack areas into fold-down beds. The racks would have to be removed, and camper beds can be installed in their place. Anytime you need to pull over and take a nap, you have a place to lay down, or your family has plenty of room to rest during a group vacation.

Adding Darkened Windows

A bus that does not already have darkened windows can get very hot. Additionally, the darkened windows can add extra privacy from prying eyes outside. You can request that the dealership darken the windows using these options:

  • Using window films
  • Installing window shades for bus windows 
  • Replacing the bus windows entirely with factory-darkened windows made for the touring buses of rock stars and musicians

Each of these is slightly more expensive than the last option, with the final option of complete window replacement being the most expensive. However, if you really want to tour in style and make people wonder who is on the bus, the last option and conversion is the most fun.